So Into You

Prolific American singer, songwriter & composer
Anjalts (pronounced like “Angeles")

A multi-instrumentalist, Anjalts composes, produces, and plays everything on her tracks for her upcoming EP album titled "Air To Fire" 12 song compilation, all in its own multifarious resonance.  From an early age, inspired by her Indo-Caribbean grandfather, who was also a natural at playing many instruments in local bands and a huge influence in music.  Her diverse cultural background allows her Influence of both eastern & western musical scales to naturally interblend into her music today.

Influenced by the contemporary sensibilities of David Bowie, Sade, Queen, Janet Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Journey, D'Angelo, Van Halen,  Lauryn Hill and John Lennon, she crafts exquisite melodies in the traditions of authentic and ground-breaking songwriting. Her music is also underpinned by stage and film productions, with serious acknowledgements to the work of Joe Hisaishi, Hans Zimmer, A.R. Rahman, James Horner, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Anjalts debut single "Remember You" song took on its own meaning when it was released in April 2020 for the lives lost during the Covid-19 quarantine that continues today. Her 2nd futuristic single "Let's Fly Away" was released in July 2020, and was inspired by the launch of the Space X back in May 2020, a seminal moment in human history.  Finally, ‘Air and Fire’, initially written as a poem have been transformed into an acoustic offering that highlights the wildfires and deliberate deforestation occurring in the Amazon Rainforest. It is a poetic prophecy that can no longer be ignored and which connects humanity through tragic circumstances. Anjalts' music, art & poetry continues to push the boundaries as a complete multi-talented songwriter & performer.

Anjalts lyrical dynamism awakens a cultural conscience. She has a natural affinity for storytelling and social messaging and understands the responsibility of being able to influence the world around her in a positive way.

Her generation is consumed by change. From the world of climactic implosion to the social injustices which increasingly affect us all, Anjalts is determined to send a message of hope, love and unity to her audiences.

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Watch the official Lyric Video or stream "Remember You" song on YouTube

Lyric Video on YouTube
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In this moment
This solitary moment
I’m the only one
Floating in this space
Here with you

Written, Composed, Produced by Anjalts

Watch the official Lyric Video or stream "Let's Fly Away" song on YouTube

Lyric Video on YouTube 
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I'm Lost...insight
Drifting into U
Forget all this Night
I'm Swaying into U
Deep into U
Deep into U 

Written, Composed, Produced by Anjalts



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