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Prolific American singer/songwriter, Anjalts (pronounced “Angeles) debut single "Remember you" blends an ethereal indie pop, alternative jazz & electro-pop to create her own unique sound.  

A multi-instrumentalist, Anjalts composes and plays everything on her tracks for her upcoming album titled "Secret World slated to have about 19 songs, all in its own eclectic resonance.  From an early age, inspired by her grandfather, who was also a natural at playing many instruments in the local bands.  Her diverse cultural background allows her Influence of both eastern & western musical scales to naturally interblend into her music today.    

when its 5 a.m in the studio & the world's asleep

when its 5 a.m in the studio & the world's asleep filled with droplets of music ... everywhere”

— Anjalts

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In this moment
This solitary moment
I’m the only one
Floating in this space
Here with you

All the stars are shining
I could only see them
Sinking in your eyes...

Written, Composed, Produced by Anjalts


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