(singer, songwriter & producer)

Anjalts music is a refreshing fusion of melodic movements, an edgy, chilled, soulful vibe that connects on a higher frequency.  A multi-instrumentalist, Anjalts composes, produces, and plays everything on her tracks. Prolifically releasing songs since 2020 with her much anticipated 15-song album titled Air To Fire” dropped Feb 2023, as a rare female-produced album in its entirety. Anjalts added two bonus tracks and some acoustic mixes released on the album.   Anjalts first single ‘Remember You’ a dramatic soulful tribute to friends lost in 2020 including  ‘Let’s Fly Away,' an escapable dreamy track inspired by the launch of Space X.  Anjalts eco-climatic third single ‘Air and Fire’ was written as a poem first & transformed into an acoustic arrangement highlighting the massive wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest. Gathered critical acclaim from the media as “a voice for the voiceless”  to preserve the Amazon from deforestation. Then came her fourth release and hit 'Somewhere in the Sky' a hip-hop space fantasy of a time traveler struggling emotionally to hold on to something she knows she has to let go.  Her eclectic range of genres including her latest dreamscape single 'Touch N Go' &  the smooth jazzy pop lounge tune 'Raining Flowers' sends a subtle reminder of finding our own self-realized power.  Drives this divergent talent steadily glowing up and here to stay with new songs like her trip-hop single ‘Times We R Living’ streaming now on your radar. And her psychedelic ballad 'Calling Out' haunts the airwaves.

Several songs were released in 2022, including 'On Your Side' a quintessential vocal melody that tells a story of reassurance to a loved one in difficult times.  Anjalts passion to preserve vital ecosystems like the Amazon Rainforest is still the undertone behind her album song 'A Tree Sings'.  Since she grew up with her Caribbean grandparents in Guyana, South America where 87% of the country is covered by Rainforest.  This Amazonian songtress/composer released her first song in 2023 'Vanish' that closed out her 'Air To Fire' Album Link HERE

In March 2023, Anjalts began recording songs for her second album and released the hit 'Code Blue' is a catchy new wave, alternative pop/rock tune with a thrilling rock guitar shredding in the background that's both stimulating and upbeat at the same time. The pulsing track paints a delicate picture of cyberbullying on young people today, capturing the bittersweet feeling of trying to stay hopeful in the face of adversity. She soon dropped 'Be My Hero' released June 9th and 'Heaven Has Another Dooron July 14th and took the summer month of August to pen a new song slated for a September release.

Watch for her latest song 'Walking to the Sun' drops Friday, September 15.

Air to Fire Album




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