About the Song:

Following the release of her first 15-song album project, "Air to Fire," in February 2023, emerging composer/producer Anjalts has since dropped three singles and her latest drop, "Walking to the Sun," on September 15. The fourth single off her highly anticipated second album, 'Bluency,' rises an alternative soundscape away from the multi-genre album "Air to Fire." The artist showcases a bold new dynamic songwriting surrealism that shines in 'Walking in the Sun," a Pop-rock dreamy ballad that echoes the nostalgic vibes of glam rocker David Bowie, the moodiness of Chemical Romance, and the pioneer spirit of The Velvet Underground. Anjalts stands out early as an emerging artist, unafraid to push the creative boundaries of her musical journey, crossing over into the hearts of her listeners.

Besides playing multiple instruments, arranging, and writing her own songs, Anjalts brings a completely in-depth feel to her music. Immersive tones, ethereal, sultry vocals, and distant electric guitars reminiscent of the raw improvised artistry of an unpredictable edginess that once caressed the mystique of the pop-rock orbit. Mastered at Abbey Roads Studios in London, UK, Anjalts would have released two albums by the end of this year, with more videos and a forthcoming tour shining on the horizon.

'Walking in the Sun" instinctual lyrics place a reflective flow throughout the song, pointing to an inner struggle of an artist's search for a more optimistic outlook beyond a heartbreaking world. The multi-instrumentalist stated she wanted her listeners to make their own interpretation of the song.

“Sometimes, no matter how bad things get, we shouldn't stop or change the best part of ourselves needed to overcome these challenging times.”

The divergent musician channels profound personal experiences and revels in the natural intonations of music that favor slight imperfections that shine best and give an artist their distinct sound & individuality.


Hear 'Walking to the Sun' by Anjalts.
This is the 4th track from her 15-song album project called 'Bluency'.

'Bluency' includes Anjalts' new songs released this year 'Code Blue', 'Be My Hero' and 'Heaven Has Another Door' available across all major streaming services. Listen below:

'Bluency' is Anjalts' second album project slated to launch end of Nov of this year.  Following  'Air to Fire', another 15 song album that was released earlier in Feb, 2023.  Preview available below: